Adrian Peterson says don't worry, there's WAY crazier stuff in NFL locker rooms than the 'n-word'

Worried about racism, sexism, dancing, bullying, or general weirdness going down in the secret world of NFL locker rooms? Well, put those worries to be bed, because Adrian Peterson reports that there's way worse crap going on.

"You really got to understand the environment you're in," Peterson said in a telephone interview. "You are in the locker room with 60 alpha males. Sixty guys who are in the NFL, they are men. So, when I actually heard about the situation (in Miami) it was funny to me because I really couldn't believe it was taking place in the NFL locker room."

"Not to say that the use of the word should be out there, but it is what it is. It's men. There's no other [place], not even basketball where there's so many guys in one space. Things like that happen. People say crazier things than just the n-word."

Knife fights? Gerbil races? Our imaginations are apparently the sole limit of what's going on in there. And it won't be until the next scandal that we know how we should feel about it.