ABC's George Stephanopoulos thinks Bill Russell is Morgan Freeman

Bill Russell did a lot to distinguish himself during his playing days with the Boston Celtics, like say being the only player to win 11 championship rings. However, even a living legend like Bill is succeptable to being mistakenly identified sometimes.

During the telecast of President Obama’s second inauguration on Monday afternoon, ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos confused the Celtics great with fellow Obama-supporter, actor Morgan Freeman.

While panning around the crowd, the camera stopped momentarily and focused on Russell, who was wearing a green Celtics hat with his old number 6 on it to help further identify himself. Stephanopoulos however, didn’t pick up on the context clue and mistakenly identified the NBA legend as five-time oscar nominee Freeman. 

"That's Morgan Freeman, I think, right there on the Capitol steps," Stephanopoulos began, before being quickly corrected. "No, Bill Russell, I'm sorry."

Aside from the vast height difference between the two, there are some simalarities in their appearance - even though Russell was wearing a Celtics hat!

We'll give Stephanopoulos the benefit of the doubt and thank him for providing one of the lighter moments from Monday's inauguration.