A-Rod discovers internet

Well, it finally happened. A-Rod found out he can hit on girls on the internet.

WaIt, why are we equating Twitter to the entire internet, again?


What was your favorite part of text book definition summer popcorn flick/non-scientology related Will Smith sci fi vehicle Independence Day?

If you were like any teenager, you loved shots of Jeff Goldblum arguing with Judd Hirsch, or Bill Pullman finding out his wife is dead.  You didn't need any of those Will Smith mid-air fighter jet battles or awesome one-liners. No, sir.


Which is good, because it turns out that the sequel - yes, that's right; the sequel to Independence Day - is only going to include the two thirds of the principal cast you actually liked.

So I hope you enjoyed that re-living of Smith's best line in ID4. Because you aren't getting anymore.


There was an Andrew Bynum update yesterday, because they're apprently still doing those.


The Blackhawks' Andrew Shaw, shortly before becoming a Stanley Cup Champion, had a puck bounced off his face bones last night. He fell to ice in pain which, yes, technically stalled play.

And you know those Bruins fans; they could all take a shot to the noggin and hop right back up, so they let Andrew know how much of a baby he was being.


Philllies 3B prospect Maikel Franco is catching on quick, after his promotion to Double A Reading five games ago. The 20-year-old was 8-for-17 with the Fightin Phils going into last night's game, and he continued not wasting any time.

When a guy does this well, I know we usually say it’s an unsustainable bout of luck, but I think maybe this time the guy is actually this good. 


This time…


We're all allowed the occasional string of profanity at our jobs. Who of us hasn't unleashed a toxic cloud of vulgarity on the nearest horrified co-worker? None of us, that's who.

But we don't have to do our jobs in front of cameras.

SPOILER: NSFW language to follow.