A-Rod, Yankees need each other

Alex Rodriguez seems to be running out of friends. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens, File)

Alex Rodriguez is on the road to recovery, and the only people happier than A-Rod himself is his loving team, presumably.

But after Yankees GM Brian Cashman's *strong* reaction to A-Rod's news, they seemed to confirm they were further apart than ever.

A-Rod remains pretty despised in general. If A.J. Pierzynski would just disappear, Rodriguez might be holding the crown for least-adored player in the game. That he plays for the league's team that is most oft-associated with unfiltered evil doesn't help.

At this point, with his own GM cursing him out in public, you've got to wonder what sort of emotions are flying around the Yankees clubhouse, where A-Rod hasn't been for weeks.

Apparently, the emotion is love. Today, it was flowing out of Yankees team president Randy Levine's mouth.

"We need Alex back," Levine told ESPNNewYork.com by phone. "... we are desperate for his right-handed power, and he's better than any third baseman on this team right now."

--Ian O'Connor, ESPN New York

Levine went on to explain that the whole "STFU" thing wound up getting resolved during a three-way phone call between himself, Rodriguez, and Cashman, during which I'm sure they sorted it all out and everybody hung smiling and professional.

So don't worry, everyone. That Yankees roster is sewn together with love, just like we always assumed.