2K Sports discontinuing less popular, glitch-ridden MLB series

Feeding off baseball games is how we survive the winter, when free agent news is hard to come by and the Phillies appear finished making their moves. We can feast off fantasy match-ups until spring; and if a team rejects our trade offers, we can force them to accept them, possibly while laughing hysterically.

At least, we could. Xbox owners now face an uncertain future, as 2K Sports have officially canceled their MLB 2K series (which once blessed us with a delightful Roy Halladay commercial in 2011), leaving only one MLB-licensed baseball game on the market: the PlayStation exclusive MLB: The Show.

The Show is almost inarguably the better title to begin with, in every aspect - graphics, replay value, gameplay, depth - to the point that it probably would have been seen as the only game on the market even before now, had it been available on both consoles. Prior to release, a host of PR issues from Microsoft shifted the market in Sony's favor to begin with, and though things have simmered down, exclusivity of games like The Show will be tilting some gamers' allegiances (If you're someone who sticks religiously to a single company's line of consoles for some reason).

Enjoy your winter with MLB 2K13; enjoy the players freezing in place and rotating 360 degrees after crossing home palte for no reason, enjoy fielders running past the ball, then hovering into the infield to pick up a ball that just rolled past them, enjoy cameras shifting as you try to catch a fly ball and suddenly send you in a dead sprint in the wrong direction. 

For they shall be your last.