Reaction to the DeSean Jackson news

It didn't take the Philadelphia fanbase, and those interested in the league at large, long to react to Friday's surprising news that the Eagles cut pro bowl wideout Desean Jackson. 

Shortly after the news broke, Jackson tweeted that he would remain on his grind.

Although Jackson's initial response was minimal, others around the league had plenty to say on the topic. Fromer Eagle Brian Westbrook acknowledged that it was tough to see the productive player go, while stating that he didn't see any correlation between Jackson and Aaron Hernandez.

Former NFL running back Derrick Ward also had a strong opinion on the issue, condeming the NFL, ESPN, and its analysts.

Ward's entire rant, which went on for close to 20 Tweets, can be found here

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill was also apparently unhappy with the team's decisioin. 

Reaction from the Philadelphia fanbase ranged from confused, to excited, to angry.

Below are some reactions from readers to the move:

cooperhawk: anyone who likes this move is not a true eagles fan. sorry, but its the truth

streak1: Glad the Eagles had the courage to release him.A great player,but his conduct on/off the field was reminiscent of the TO era.Whether he's a gang member or not,he has the behavior mentality of a potted plant.

newsy: He was brought into Andy Reid's office several times to discuss his behavior !
Also, no Eagles player really came out in support of Jackson !

how do holmgren and amaro stil: wow. what a horrendous day to be an eagle fan. why do i get cursed by being born in a city with 4 such laughably clueless teams.

JR69: Wow, is it really true that a Professional sports team is putting their ethics and team cohesion ahead of a popular and good player? I'm stunned, can it be? I didn't know in this day and age this would happen!

Tuskkor: Honestly, it all depends on what Maclin can do, so I'll reserve judgement. If he can play as well as he did with Foles in 2012 I think we'll be okay.

Sports4Life: Who think Jackson was a carcinogen? He has no arrest record, plays hard al the time, rarely eve talked to the Media. I mean if he is Peyton Manning' slot receiver, he will catch 135 passes!!!!

Bob Sacamano: Like the move, great talent but a wackjob. Teams win championships not individuals. 

PhillyExcitement: how much of a selfish idiotic punk and PR liability was this guy that an NFL franchise just let him go, for nothing?? tells you all you need to know

GTOWN: I thought there was something more than what met the eye from that ROBBERY story.

NWBeachBum: Gangsta wannabe PUNK. I would love to see the police & insurance reports from his home robbery. Guess we take a big WR in the draft?

Tonic: With the alleged gang connections, and the wake of Hernandez, Jackson may have played his last down in the NFL.

Buge Halls: I am amazed by this - I guess they couldn't even pry a 3rd out of somebody. I'm thinking there is a lot more to the story than we'll ever know. I'm thinking somebody saw a T.O. summer coming along and decided to nip it now.

kmpesq: From a football perspective, this makes no sense. But, I don't think the Eagles are dumb or cheap. This leads me to believe that something else is going on.

warren22theape: It makes about 10 million dollars worth of sense

Tuskkor: I'd like to see the team get something... ANYTHING in return for Jackson but... alas, I should learn to expect the worst when it comes to Philadelphia sports.

Phillymiz: I applaud what the Eagles are doing. Morals and integrity over public opinion.

DevilDog0341: Oh well he wasn't a Brian Dawkins type Eagle so out with old and in with the new