Evan Turner hates bloggers

There has been a lot of media attention surrounding Evan Turner’s hot start to the season, and what it means for his future with the Sixers. Some think he should go, others think he should stay, and some just think he has a weird voice. Pretty much everyone has an opinion about E.T.

Well, Turner is apparently sick of the speculation, and has an opinion of his own.

He posted a message to local basketball bloggers and media members to his Instagram account this afternoon, accompanied by a picture of him on a plane giving what appears to be the “L” for losers sign with his hand:

Ironically enough, as he sent out his message, I was putting the finishing touches on a ‘Trade Turner’ piece.

I guess he thinks I should get a life.

In actuality, his Instagram message appears to be in response to blogs reacting to an earlier Instagram image of his overdrawn bank account.

Overall, it was a pretty productive day for E.T. on Instagram.