Philly cartoonist compares Redskins to Nazis

Tom Stiglich's Redskins cartoon, which appeared in Thursday's New York Daily News.

As the Redskins name debate continues, a Philly cartoonist has created a bit of controversy with a cartoon that appeared in Thursday's New York Daily News.

The cartoon, drawn by nationally-syndicated cartoonist Tom Stiglich, featured the Redskins name and logo next to both a Nazi and Confederate flag, all above a caption, "Archaic Symbols of Pride and Heritage."

Predictably, many Washington, D.C. residents were offended by the comparison. "The Redskins logo does not represent killing people," wrote one angered viewer. Another, interviewed by WUSA9, told the reporter, "Trying to equate the Redskins with Nazis? Forget it"

It's worth noting that the only individual in WUSA9's piece that thought the comparison was legitimate was an Eagles fan, who told the reporter that as a black man, he wouldn't want to be called the N-word.

"It's 2013, the name 'Redskins' is a racial slur and has to go," Stiglich told me via email. "I didn't set out for the kind of attention it's received, that's not my style (you can thank 12 years of catholic school for that). My point is that any one time, all three of those symbols were perfectly acceptable, which is no longer the case."


Here's my Redskins cartoon, which I drew after Riley Cooper's N-word video was released.