Scott Hartnell stars in parody of horrible local business ads

We've all seen them.

That hair-raising delivery. That skin-crawling cadence. That clueless look in their eyes, like they've been spotted doing something awful.

Athletes are forced to act all the time; some of the can, and most of them definitely can't. But that doesn't stop local businesses from using them to endorse their used cars, wall-to-wall carpeting services, or Sunday specials on shrimp buckets.

Scott Hartnell addressed this issue in a hilarious video in which he is pitted against a director who has only worked with the best of the best of the "Athletes in local business commercials" industry, which includes gems like this:

Hartnell: "If you like a great deal, you've got to [shoves nearby man to the ground] 'check' out our prices at at Cherry Hill Audi."

Hartnell: "I fall down a lot on the ice, but I never get as low as Cherry Hill Audi prices."