Suh learning value of not brutalizing people

+ The Lions' Ndamukong Suh has never been one to understand why bashing a man’s head into the ground or kicking a man in the groin should warrant punishment. He’s appealing his latest fine, too; $100,000 for his block below the waist on Vikings center John Sullivan. I mean just because something is specifically stipulated in the Official NFL Rulebook doesn’t mean it’s enforceable, right? I mean, this is America.

+ Police are thinking maybe some charges are in order for the high school kid in south central Pennsylvania who ripped off an opponent’s helmet and began bashing him over the head with it. Somebody's got an Ndamukong Suh jersey in their closet!

+ Everybody needs to come at Wednesday, Philip Rivers-style.

Except, you know. Win.

+ So week one of the NFL season is official in the boo—


+ Those big, weird Nationals demanded that Bryce Harper not talk about his hip injury, because the less something is talked about, the faster it heals.

+ Phillies prospects are growing up.

+ No, it’s cool. There’s totally going to be a Jurassic Park IV. Only it’s called Jurassic World. And I’m going to assume this one’s not based on a novel, but then again honestly, who cares.

+ You won’t judge the Mets, will you, puppies? No, you won’t. You’ll look them in the eye and you’ll just love them for who they are without even thinking about baseball or the world or anything.

+ You remember the original Sports Friends, starring Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. The latest features Joey Votto and Jayson Werth, revealing what players talk about at first base. It’s soda.