The great Veterans Stadium porn stash

When the Vet fell in 2004, there may have been a chest full of precious Phillies and Eagles memories left inside.

Former Eagles defensive tackle Hollis Thomas went on 94 WIP to make an important historical announcement about Veterans Stadium:

“[The Phillies] did have an awesome… we used to share like the shower and rest room area at the Vet, and they had an awesome collection of porn."
--Hollis Thomas, via CBS Sports

What Thomas decribes as a 'big blue chest' contained a supply of pornogrpahy, for both Phillies and Eagles perusal. Thomas' initial investigation in 1996 as to what the chest contained led to the revelation that it was 'reading material.'

A former Eagles ball boy has corroborated the story, which is, when you think about it, one of the least surprising anecdotes of the period. Though it probably made the '96 MLB All-Star Game a little more interesting.

Having finished the season 29 games out of first place, the 1996 Phillies could finally cross something else off their list:


  • Re-signing Mitch Williams
  • Re-releasing Mitch Williams
  • Big blue chest of porn
  • ?????