2013 WWE Money in the Bank results: Randy Orton wins WWE Championship Money in the Bank match; Paul Heyman costs CM Punk the match

Rob Van Dam is taken out immediately by all of his opponents.

Then Sheamus is hanged up on and disposed of. Then Christian and Randy Orton are both tossed to the side, which left CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

They have a good wrestling before they interrupted by their opponents.

Van Dam finally gets in on the fun and takes everyone out with his signature moves including rolling thunder on to Bryan while he was on a ladder.

Eventually, all six combatants made their way up ladders at the same time. Punk grabbed the briefcase and swung back and forth, which somehow made all of them fall off the ladders.

People are taken out one by one, until Van Dam hit Christian with a five-star frog splash from the top of the ladder.

Bryan then begins one of his patented comebacks, which included him knocking Sheamus off the top rope with a ladder. Sheamus flew threw another ladder, breaking it in half.

Bryan was at the top of the ladder when Curtis Axel came out hit Bryan with a chair and knocked him off the ladder for Punk.

Punk took offense and hit Axel with the GTS, which brought out Paul Heyman.

Punk made his way up the ladder only to be hit in the back with a ladder by Heyman. Heyman hit Punk so hard with the ladder that he busted him open.

Van Dam went to the top of the ladder only to be hit with an RKO by Orton.

Orton climbed to the top to take the briefcase and win the match.