2013 WWE Money in the Bank results: Ryback defeats Chris Jericho

Ryback began the match by overpowering Jericho. Once Jericho gained the upper hand, Ryback slithered out of the ring and took his sweet time getting back in.

Once back in the ring, Ryback took firm control of the match.

 After he took a beating for about five minutes, Jericho began to roar back, but was cut off by Ryback. Ryback then went for the shell shock, but Jericho escaped.

 Jericho attempted the code breaker, but caught and then slammed by Ryback.

 Jericho eventually regained control and hit Ryback with the code breaker, but Ryback fell out of the ring.

 A series of near falls ensued with Jericho to gain the win multiple times. Jericho then went for the lionsault, but missed and was rolled up by Ryback for the win.