2013 WWE Money in the Bank results: John Cena defeats Mark Henry to retain WWE Championship

Mark Henry dominated John Cena from the outset.

Henry got Cena outside of the ring and suplexed him on to the steel steps.

For the first 10 minutes of the match, Cena may have landed one punch. Other than that it was all Henry.

Cena finally began to mount some offense via a flurry of punches and shoulder blocks.

Cena built so much momentum and confidence that he tried to lift Henry up for the attitude adjustment, but failed to lift the massive Henry.

Eventually, Cena did get him up for the attitude adjustment and went for pin, but Henry kicked out at a count of two.

Cena then went for a moonsault, but was caught by Henry who hit him with the world's strongest slam. Henry went for a cover, but Cena also kicked out.

Henry exposed two turnbuckles, but was thrown into one by Cena who then locked in the STFU.

Henry managed to make it to the ropes to break the hold.

Henry went for another world's strongest slam, but it was reversed by Cena. 

Cena locked in another STFU and forced Henry to tap out.