2013 WWE Money in the Bank results: Alberto Del Rio retains World Heavyweight Championship over Dolph Ziggler via disqualification

Ziggler began the match in control of Del Rio. He even hit 10 consecutive elbow drops on him to get the crowd more involved.

Del Rio eventually gained momentum with a kick to Ziggler's head. Ziggler took back control of the match with a face buster to Del Rio from the top rope.

 After a little back-and-forth, the two exchanged a number of near falls. Ziggler's girlfriend A.J. then came to the ring. Ziggler wondered why she was out there.

 Del Rio hit a super kick to Ziggler and went for a pin, but Ziggler kicked out.

 Del Rio went for another kick, but it was blocked by Ziggler. Ziggler spun Del Rio around, but A.J. jumped into the ring and hit Del Rio with the Divas title and caused Ziggler to get disqualified and lose.

Ziggler was visibly upset.