2013 WWE Money in the Bank results: A.J. defeats Kaitlyn to retain the Divas Championship

Kaitlyn began the match in complete control of A.J.

A.J. was finally able to gain the upper hand while the two were on the outside of the ring.

When back in the ring, A.J. locked in a couple of submission holds to wear down Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn eventually regained momentum and began to mount some strong-style offense on A.J.

A.J. then attempted a moonsault to which Kaitlyn pushed her off the ropes right into the arms of Big E Langston. 

Kaitlyn then hit A.J. with a spear, but was unable to gain a pinfall.

A.J. eventually locked in her submission move to make Kaitlyn tap out again and retain her title.