Phillies Stay or Go: Comparing this year to 2010

Last week, Matt Mullin took a look at the results so far of this year's Phillies Stay or Go survey. This week, I dug into the numbers from last year's survey to take a look at how the two seasons compare.

While there was a fair amount of roster turnover from 2010 to 2011, the core of the team remained intact. So there's plenty to chew over.

I figured the easiest way to compare the two seasons was to look at the perecentage of voters who wanted each player to stay. I suppose I could also have compared the percentages of people who wanted each player to go, but I figured I might as well try to keep things a little bit positive.

These results are as of the evening of Monday, October 17. Voting continues, though, and you can click here to participate. Even if you've already voted, you're free to go back and vote again. This is Philadelphia, after all.

Players are listed below in the order in which they appear on the survey page. Only the players who were on the Phillies roster in both 2010 and 2011 are included. 

After the table, I'll share a few of my thoughts on the results that I find most interesting. 

Name  2010 Stay %   2011 Stay %  Change
Ryan Howard 76.9 60.6 -16.3
Chase Utley 91.0 89.1 -1.9
Placido Polanco 92.6 36.1 -56.5
Jimmy Rollins 68.2 54.1 -14.1
Raul Ibanez 80.2 13.9 -66.3
Shane Victorino 82.0 93.3 +11.3
Carlos Ruiz 99.0 96.3 -2.7
Brian Schneider 67.0 41.8 -25.2
Wilson Valdez 94.1 80.0 -14.1
Ben Francisco  70.6 32.0 -38.6
Ross Gload 54.4 18.0 -36.4
Domonic Brown 91.4 54.4 -37.0
Roy Halladay 97.3 97.4 +0.1
Cole Hamels 95.3 96.8 +1.5
Roy Oswalt 96.8 27.8 -69.0
Joe Blanton 48.2 24.2 -24.0
Ryan Madson 95.8 90.4 -5.4
Antonio Bastardo 70.8 88.3 +17.5
Brad Lidge 77.7 15.0 -62.7
Kyle Kendrick 28.2 60.0 +31.8
David Herndon 33.6 24.0 -9.6
Jose Contreras 86.9 29.5 -57.4

















The first thing that stands out is how much red there is in the chart - and it has nothing to do with the color of the Phillies' uniforms. Only five of the 22 players listed above saw their approval ratings improve from 2010 to 2011.

In particular, the Phillies' hitters took a beating at the polls. Only Shane Victorino got an increase, while five players saw decreases of more than 30 percentage points. Even Carlos Ruiz's approval rating fell a few percentage points.

I'm not all that surprised, though. Ibanez and Howard in particular got roasted by fans during the playoffs for their struggles at the plate, and Polanco's age seemed to catch up with him on a regular basis this year.

Ibanez got the lowest 2011 approval rating of anyone in the chart. It seems that fans clearly want John Mayberry Jr. playing left field next year, though we'll see if that changes in coming months due to Ryan Howard's injury.

Mayberry wasn't included in the 2010 poll, even though he contributed a little bit during that season. It would be interesting to see how his rating would have changed if he had been included.

It did not surprise me that the Phillies' starting pitchers did well this year, but there was already little room for improvement on last year's numbers. Even Roy Halladay managed only a 0.1 percent increase in approval rating from 2010 to 2011.

Still, I was somewhat surprised that Cole Hamels' approval rating increased. I know a lot of people think highly of him, but I also know that a segment of the fan base is still a little skeptical of his ability to grind out results. Or at least they were until his 117-pitch performance against St. Louis in Game 3 of the National League Division Series.

The player whose numbers I was most interested to see, believe it or not, was Joe Blanton. Of the players above, only Blanton and David Herndon did not get a majority of "stay" votes in 2010. Blanton was a regular starter in 2010, but was injured for most of 2011. So I wondered whether fans would be willing to give him another shot.

The answer was a pretty stern no. Only Brad Lidge had a lower approval rating in 2011 among the Phillies' pitching staff. I was somewhat surprised that Lidge had such a low rating, but I figure that's more because fans are ready for Ryan Madson to be the full-time closer.

Finally, just for amusement's sake, here's a little look behind the curtain at how things work for us here at Sports. When we posted this year's set of Stay or Go polls, we had to remove some old polls from players on the 2010 Phillies who weren't on the 2011 roster. That definitely brought back a lot of memories for us.

Here's a look at who replaced whom from last year to this year:


- Hunter Pence replaced Jayson Werth
- John Mayberry Jr. replaced Greg Dobbs
- Michael Martinez replaced Mike Sweeney
- John Bowker didn't replace anybody


- Cliff Lee replaced Jamie Moyer
- Vance Worley replaced Danys Baez
- Michael Stutes replaced Chad Durbin

It's not an exact measurement, but it does say something about the kinds of moves that the Phillies made this year.

What do you think about the change in approval ratings from 2010 to 2011? Are there numbers that surprised you? Have your say in the comments.

And one more time, here's a reminder to vote in this year's survey. There's still plenty of time to have your say.

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