12-year-old Ohio State fan beats cancer he nicknamed 'Michigan'

Ohio State will not play rival Michigan until November 30, but one Buckeyes fan has already claimed a victory over Big Blue.

NBC 4 in Columbus, Ohio has the story of 12-year-old Grant Reed, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor two years ago. Grant grew up a diehard Ohio State fan and the son of two former Buckeye marching band members.

When diagnosed, Grant nicknamed the disease “Michigan.” And now, it looks like he has beaten it.

"We've beaten Michigan for the short term, but like any rival, there's a chance it can come back," Grant’s father, Troy, told NBC 4.

The report says Grant has undergone his final chemotherapy treatment and the prognosis looks good.

Before leaving the hospital, Grant and his brother donated two wagons for future patients. There was, however, one stipulation.

“It had to say 'Beat Michigan' on it," Troy told the news station.

Watch the NBC 4 report below: