Hayes: Sick child who inspired Philly teams, fans has died

Well done. In the spring we asked you to #prayfordominic. The Eagles and Sixers and Flyers and Phillies did it. Fletcher Cox and Robert Covington... Read more

Hayes: Physical abuse is Joel Embiid's cross to bear

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We’ve seen this happen to Shaq and LeBron. It seems to be happening to Joel Embiid. Occasionally, a player enters the NBA who is bigger... Read more

Fantasy football chat with Ed Barkowitz at noon

Join Ed Barkowitz as he takes your fantasy football questions in a live chat, beginning at noon Thursday. Read more

NAPSTS podcast: On Temple football's uncertain future

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Mike Jensen has been covering college sports in this town for a long time. On Wednesday, he dropped by the Not Another Philly Sports Talk Show... Read more

Murphy: Matt Rhule and Temple's quest to be a destination school

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There are times when the tension between money and happiness is a legitimate part of the human condition. There are also times when it is a... Read more

The school of slow thinking

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One of the selling points in reaching for Doug Pederson as their latest head coach last January is this idea that he not only was a disciple... Read more

Donnellon: The Zach Ertz equation has many variables

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When the Eagles traded quarterback Sam Bradford in early September, it seemed to hit tight end Zach Ertz hard. Not as hard, say, as it would... Read more

Eagles morning after: A major step backward, plus links to our best stories

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The mantra, recited almost universally around here, mumbled like oft-repeated prayers, goes something like this: The season will be a success... Read more

Eagles autopsy: A legit concern about Carson Wentz, and five other things

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CINCINNATI -- It’s awfully difficult to evaluate Carson Wentz’s play given the lack of talent that surrounds him, but one thing... Read more

Eagles Game Day: Wondering if now still matters, plus links to our best stories

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Bob Ford caught it immediately. It happened late Monday. As he writes: “It didn't take long - the time between the end of Monday's loss... Read more