Toledo wants Syracuse to vacate victory

Have you ever felt like you’ve been cheated?

If so, what did you do?  Forget about it? Or fight back?

Toledo, which is Temple’s next opponent, tried to do the latter.

The Rockets (1-3) sent a written letter to Mid-American Conference commissioner  Jon Steinbrecher,  asking him to request that the Big East Conference vacates Syracuse’s 33-30 controversial overtime victory over Toledo.  The Rockets wanted to be awarded the win in Saturday’s game.  But by rule, once a game becomes final, the outcome can't be reversed.

The controversy is centered around what appeared to be a missed extra-point attempt by Syracuse with 2 minutes, 7 seconds remaining. The Orange had a 30-27 lead after the officials on the field ruled the conversion was successful.  Replay officials confirmed the ruling.

Syracuse went on to win with an overtime field goal.

However, Terry McAulay, the Big East  coordinator of football officiating, later issued a statement that both the field and booth officials ruled incorrectly on the controversial extra point.

“Since the conclusion of the Toledo-Syracuse game, I have been in communication with Big East Commissioner, John Marinatto, along with Rogers Redding, Secretary-Rules Editor of the NCAA Football Rules Committee," Steinbrecher said in a statement Monday. "By rule once the game is declared over the score is final and there is no recourse to reverse an outcome. (Rule 1, Section 1, Article 3, Paragraph b of the 2011 NCAA Football Rules and Interpretations.)

 "I share the frustration and regret with our Toledo coaches, student-athletes, administration and supporters of the Rockets football program.  Immediately following the game, Bill Carollo, Coordinator of Officials of the Midwest Football Officials Alliance (MAC, Big Ten, Missouri Valley), reviewed the play and was in contact with Big East Coordinator of Officials, Terry McAuley, and both officials agreed that the ruling on the field and replay official both failed to make the correct call. 

 "As disappointing as this situation is, we are confident that proper action will be taken by the Big East Conference.”

Toledo athletic director Mike O'Brien commented  about the situation in statement on the Rockets' website on Sunday. This was before Steinbrecher made a statement, basically saying there's nothing the league can do.

"I want to make certain that everyone is aware that this was not a missed holding call. This is about a call that was missed on the field--that happens,” O’Brien said. “However, the opportunity was given to the replay officials to correct it, and it was not. The play was reviewed by the Big East Conference and they indicated that it was an incorrect call and put out a statement to that effect.

"I realize this is most likely unprecedented," O'Brien added. "(But) I think it's important we show our football team that we truly support them, that we show our football coach and his staff we're here for them and support them and tell our fan base that it wasn't a situation where the University of Toledo just lays down."