Temple to renovate football complex

Quarterback Mike Gerardi looks to hand off the ball in a scrimmage at Temple's practice facility. (David Swanson/ Staff Photographer)

Temple is making it more enticing for football recruits to come to North Broad Street.

The Owls are coming off consecutive winning seasons, including a bowl appearance in 2009. They hired a coaching staff that helped Florida win two BCS national championships.  And now, they are planning to expand and make renovations to Edberg-Olson Hall, the team’s practice facility.

Sources close to the situation said the upgrades will cost around $8-9 million. Sources added that construction could begin as early as September.  Temple wants to raise $2 million of private money by the end of this month to get things started.

“The weight room is going from to 2,500 square feet to 10,000,” a source said. “The training room is going to quadruple with state-of-the-art rehab equipment for the players.  They are putting in a new academic center upstairs and a whole new team room upstairs for recruiting, team functions and alumni functions.”

The Owls will also have a practice bubble over their practice field from December to March. The sources added that Temple will expand the complex.

-  Keith Pompey