Temple could benefit from Toledo loss

Bernard Reedy makes a catch covered by Maurice Jones during a loss to Toledo. (David Swanson/Staff Photographer)

Losing the way it did to Toledo on Saturday may be the best thing for Temple.

The 36-13 Mid-American Conference drubbing brought the Owls (3-2, 1-1 MAC) back to reality.

Prior to the game, Temple’s players heard how great they were for beating Maryland. And they were starting to believe it.

They admitted to losing focus.

“We were being lackadaisical,” Owls running back Bernard Pierce said. “We beat Maryland and everybody wanted to play around.

“We didn’t have that drive [last] week.”     

Never mind the less-than-stellar practices, so they thought.  They were finally starting to get  the attention teams like Penn State, Alabama and Texas receive.

ESPN.com and Sports Illustrated checked in on the Owls last week. And Temple coach Steve Addazio was even scheduled to do an interview on  ESPN-AM (97.5).

The Owls probably thought the attention proved they had arrived on the big stage. And as a result, they would be able to beat against Toledo (2-3, 1-0 MAC) even with the distractions.

 Temple was wrong.

The Owls still have yet to post a meaningful win over a MAC opponent since joining the league. And if that doesn't humble you, nothing will.

Yeah, Temple beat Maryland in what was a huge win for the program. But it didn't help the Owls against the Rockets. And it won't help Temple win a conference title.

After Saturday’s lopsided loss, folks jumped off the bandwagon. The Owls will also probably receive less media attention this week.

And until they are capable to deal with the added exposure, this is probably a good thing.

Well, it probably won’t be good for them during this week’s practice.

“We had a rough day yesterday and we are going to have rough day tomorrow,” Addazio said Monday. “This is going to be one up-tempo rough week at Temple.”

He wants to make sure the Owls get the edge they had the first four weeks back.

“I hope by the end of the week, we have a pissed off football team on every front,” he said. “So that’s going to happen.  … It’s going to no kumbayas around here this week. I can tell you that, right now.”