Owls, Rhule emphasizing playbook study

Temple's new head coach Matt Rhule. (Charles Fox/Staff Photographer)

Temple coach Matt Rhule has placed a huge emphasis on getting the Owls up to speed with the mental aspects of the offense and defense.

When the owls have finished practicing in the afternoon, they are doing skull sessions later in the day. Rhule has them studying aspects of the offensive and defensive playbook in the early evening.  A test is administered later. If you pass it you are finished for the day. However, fail it and you have another hour’s worth of studying in front of you.

“When camp is over at night, if you pass the test you can go home,” Rhule explained. “If not you have another hour’s worth of studying. On offense we have three or four guys who have passed it.  It’s the whole offense. The defensive one is like 28 pages long, so it’s like a mid-term or an econ final.

“It takes a lot of time to master all of that stuff,” Rhule continued. “We are trying to push them to learn it.

Rhule is emphasizing the importance of everyone on the team knowing exactly what he is supposed to do in every situation, and where you stand on the depth chart is irrelevant. He’s not going to play guys that don’t know their assignments.

He got a boost in trying to get this message over on Monday, when famous Temple alum Bill Cosby spoke to the team.

“Dr. Cosby has a unique way of getting his point across,” Rhule said. “He emphasized that how important it is to always know what you are doing. That was the first point that he made. That’s what we’re trying to tell these guys.”


NOTES: The Owls practiced earlier on Wednesday due to the threatening weather. They were done by 2 p.m. on most days, the Owls have hit the field for practice at 2:30 p.m.