MAC source: 'Big East needs Temple'

If Temple gets an invitation to play football in the Big East, the expectation is that the Owls will find a way to leave the Mid-American Conference before the start of the football season, according to league sources.

“If West Virginia can figure out a way to get out of the Big East, what makes you think Temple can’t get out of the MAC?” a source said Thursday morning of the Owls playing in the Big East next season.

Discussions between the Big East and Temple, regarding the Owls’ joining the conference, are hitting the final stages.

The MAC has a $2.5 million fee for an exit with two years’ notice. So Temple must negotiate for an immediate exit similar to West Virginia did with the Big East. The conference agreed to accept West Virginia’s nearly $20 million settlement to be able to join the Big 12 as a full member in July.

How much will the MAC make the Owls pay to speed up their exit?

According to a source, it doesn't matter.

 “The Big East, I assume, will help them out,” the source said. “They got $20 million from West Virginia’s exit fee.

“The Big East needs Temple.”