Like Terps, could Owls don alternate uniforms?

Maryland's Ronnie Tyler sports a retro uniform as he leaps into the end zone against Miami. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

I thought it was a logical question, considering Temple is sponsored by Under Armour.

So towards the end of his Tuesday press conference, I asked Owls coach Steve Addazio his impression of the alternate uniforms Maryland unveiled Monday night against Miami.  Yeah, the ugly ones with Maryland’s state flag on the helmets.

“You want my honest answer?”  Addazio initially said. “I don’t care. Honestly, Keith, all I really care about and want is for  [Temple right guard] Wayne Tribune to rock off the ball and hit you so freaking hard, and you get knocked back three yards. All that other stuff I’m not really interested in.”

However, Addazio is  interested in luring top-notch recruits to Temple. And recruits like the alternate look.


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 For that reason, would Addazio consider donning the alternate look one game this season?

“You know what recruits really care about?” he said. “Winning. Winning!”

“Will your job donate the money for those?” he added.

Shortly afterward, Addazio conceded that he liked what Maryland did and was just giving me a hard time with his responses.

“We are grateful to be an Under Armour sponsored team,” he said. “And we think Under Armour did a great job putting that forward last night. I thought it was cool and terrific. There was a lot of conversation about it.  As part of the Under Armour family, we were pretty fired up about it.”

So, again, are there any plans for the Owls to don alternate uniforms this season?

“We’ll have to talk to Kevin Plank [Under Armour’s CEO and founder] to see if he is going to donate some uniforms to us,” he said.

Two of his players would like to don a look similar to what Maryland wore.

“I liked them,” center John Palumbo said. “I think they were pretty cool, interesting.”

Said defensive end Adrian Robinson: “I thought it brought a lot of swagger [to Maryland].”