Edsall elated Syracuse is ACC bound

 The upcoming contest against Temple wasn’t the only thing Randy Edsall talked about during Wednesday’s Atlantic Coast Conference football teleconference.

The Maryland first-year coach gave his thoughts on Pittsburgh and Syracuse leaving the Big East to become the 13th and 14th members of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

As you can imagine, Edsall had a lot to say.

He is a Syracuse alum and coached at current Big East member Connecticut for 12 seasons.  Connecticut is another Big East team that some believe will also  jump to the ACC.

 “I’m very happy for my alma mater in terms of Syracuse coming here,” Edsall said. “I think the ACC was very proactive in terms of what they did. And you get two really good football programs in Pitt and Syracuse to come in here.

“So again, I applaud the leadership of the ACC for getting that done. …  I know that was always a concern of what exactly was going to happen amongst the football coaches in the Big East.

Edsall said Big East  football coaches have been concerned about the future of their conference since the ACC last voted to expand in 2003. In the next two years, Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College went from Big East powers to participating ACC members.

“The expansion took place a few years ago,” he said. “And what was going to happen? Those were discussions that always took place, you know, about what the Big East was going to try to do to fortify its football membership.

“And now, they’ve got some concerns as it is now.”