Coyer gets no respect

Quarterback Chris Coyer will lead Temple's return to the Big East in 2012. (AP file photo)

Thank goodness for Pitt’s Tino Sunseri and Connecticut’s Johnny McEntee.

If not for those two, Chris Coyer might be the Big East Conference's worst starting quarterback - if you believe  That's because Sunseri and McEntee are the only starters ranked below the junior, according to Athlon writer Steven Lassan.

I personally think being ranked sixth out of the eight QBs is too low.

But here's a portion of what Lassan wrote:

With Temple moving from the MAC to the Big East, it’s tough to figure out where Temple’s players stack up in the new conference. After all, the Owls have been playing MAC competition, and the defenses in the Big East should provide a tougher test each week.

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