Bag policy for Notre Dame Stadium




If your are making the trip out to South Bend to watch the Owls season opener vs. Notre Dame, don’t get caught holding the bag.  Here is a look at what will and will not be permitted in Notre Dame Stadium this Saturday:


• What types of bags are prohibited?
 Backpacks, duffel bags, and tote bags are strictly prohibited.

• What can I bring into the Stadium?
 Smaller bags, including purses and draw-string sack packs, will be allowed but will be inspected by trained security personnel.

• Can I bring my medical bag or diaper bag into the Stadium?
 Yes, medical bags and diaper bags will be allowed into the Stadium, but will be inspected by trained security personnel.

• Why does Notre Dame feel it is necessary to institute a bag policy like this now?
 As we learned this past spring in Boston, backpacks and other larger bags can be used for destructive and tragic purposes. This policy is part of an ongoing effort to continuously improve the game-day environment and enhance safety.

• How long will the bag inspection process take?
 The trained inspectors will work quickly yet carefully to ensure that delays are kept to a minimum while keeping safety at the forefront.

• How will my property be handled during the bag inspection process?
 Please know that our trained professionals will ensure personal property and privacy are respected at all times.

• How was this policy determined?
 The University benchmarked its bag policy with those of other Universities and NFL programs and developed a policy that would best fit with Notre Dame's Stadium and other processes in place.