Photos: Spruce Street Harbor Park preview party

The Spruce Street Harbor Park #whyilovephilly Party on the Delaw
Guests at the Spruce Street Harbor Park #whyilovephilly Party on the Delaware Waterfront on Thursday, June 26, 2014. (HughE Dillon/

I just found my new hangout this summer.

The new Spruce Street Harbor Park, which was created by the Delaware River Waterfront Corp., which officially opens to the public today.

The new pop-up waterfront park features hammocks, floating barges with gardens, a bar, a restaurant and lots of seating alongside the Delaware River. There's a mist walk, fountains, and a boardwalk where you can play bocce and shuffle board for a nominal fee. There are also plenty of game boards to be played, life-sized chess, Jenga pieces and a bean bag toss. I love the shipping containers which contain the game rooms where there are skeeball machines, a Ms Pac Man, air hockey and other shore favorites. 

Thursday night was the #whyilovephilly party, and I asked a few of the guests why they liked Philly and what they thought of this new park. Most used words like “game changer,” “ethereal,” and “like nothing they've ever seen before.” I think you'll agree. I'll see you there!