More responses to city contract report

Last week, I re-printed a response to the latest "It's Our Money" report on employee benifits.  The response generated a lot of good comments and I wanted to post another one here. This time, it's about the ongoing issue of the pension system being underfunded. Here is the comment:

You are leaving out certain facts that make the city look like the victim here. The city is the one who did not complete it's pension fund obligations for years and now the fund cannot meet it obligation so the city wants workers to contribute more. The city is the one who didn't pay so they want city workers to pay back the city's debt. Also, most years the city workers do not get a raise in line with the cost of living increast. Most years city unions get around 3% if that. This years COLA to council and the Mayor's staff is over 5%. Are they gonna offer the city workers that? I don't think so. It is almost impossible to get the city to honor contract awards. Just an example. In the last Firefighter's contract firefighters were awarded basic safety gear to be paid by the city by April 1st. The city has yet to provide those items. Also some provisions of contracts awarded over 5 years ago have still not been provided or abided by. Why don't you ask why the city refuses to honor the awards instead of blaming city workers for all the city's financial woes. The city managers and politicians are mostly to blame for this.

Do you agree? Do city workers unfairly get the blame for our underfunded pension system? What do you think?