WHYY: City hopes for private financing for victory 'p-word'

WHYY's Tom MacDonald reports about Mayor Nutter's attempt to keep the city's costs of a potential Phillies celebration at a minimum.

If the Phillies win tomorrow night, a victory celebration could be privately financed, but there won't be any name attached to it. 

Mayor Michael Nutter said that with the city's financial difficulties, offsetting the expense of  a victory celebration would be great, so  he's working on private donations.

Nutter: "I've certainly had some outreach to the corporate community.  Certainly we want to recognize the great effort and performance by the Phillies and you certainly want to plan for the future."

The mayor says the city has to deal with the costs of the celebration and working with the private sector will definitely help.

Nutter: "Any major championship you expect there will be many people and there are costs that come with that.  We have to think about and be optimistic about the future and that includes planning.  You know, hope for the best and like any other major event give opportunities for support."

The mayor says the solicitation does not include selling the naming rights to the event.