Tonight: Forum on taxes and the budget

Tonight, I'll be moderating a forum about taxes and the budget. The details are below:

Date:   Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Time:   6:30pm - 8:30pm
Location: Independence Ballroom at the Independence Visitor's Center
Street: One North Independence Mall West (6th and Market Streets)

The unstable economy has made life difficult for all. Not immune, the City of Philadelphia is faced with sinking revenue, a budget deadline, and a table of decisions. It's widely understood that today's tax rates will be changed to support the City's budget, and while nothing is certain, these potential changes would have a major impact on all who live and work in Philadelphia. Yeah...that means you.

It's imperative to understand how these changes will affect you and your personal budget. City leadership is joining Young Involved Philadelphia to discuss the forthcoming budget and answer questions about the future of Philadelphia's taxes. How would a sales tax hike impact weekly spending? What willPhiladelphia rent prices look like if a property tax increase is enacted in combination with full assessment? Why would legislators target a wage tax raise, and how will this new budget influence our daily lives?

It's your money. It's your chance to be heard. With major tax decisions looming, policymakers are listening to people's concerns: this is an opportunity to voice yours.

Confirmed panelists for the forum include:
* Councilman Bill Green, At-Large
* Derek Green, Special Counsel to the Majority Leader
* Professor Robert Inman, Professor, Finance and Economics, University of Pennsylvania
* Rob Dubow, City Finance Director

* Moderated by Ben Waxman, It's Our Money

**Co-Hosted by The Center for Progressive Leadership, The Committee of Seventy, The Institute for the Study of Civic Values, and Professional Network (UPPN)