The City Howl Citizen Wish List

Raccoon abatement is one service we've heard citizens ask the city for. ( Jake Dingel/ Pennsylvania Game Commission )

Today's Daily News editorial considers the results of a new Pew poll that finds many Philadelphians concerned about their tax burden, but still valuing in city services. It calls for a thorough accounting of what exactly we're getting for what we pay -- something that pushes the PhillyStat envelope (check out this paper about Washington, D.C.).

City Howl, our city services beat, looked at the Pew poll and asked ourselves: What services have we heard citizens asking for more of? Here's our unscientific analysis:

  • A more aggressive response to vacant properties;
  • Abatement of animals, especially raccoons;
  • Residential street-cleaning;
  • Parking enforcement on residential streets that the Parking Authority doesn't cover (not a top priority for police, whose job it is.)

Even more than this, residents want a more customer-friendly city. We've heard repeatedly from residents who call multiple departments about a problem, only to be told by each one that it's not its responsibility. These exasperated folks want the departments to step up and help figure out how to get problems solved.

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