The 14 other candidates who owe campaign-finance fines

Today, I reported that nineteen candidates who ran in this year's primary, including four Council members, owed the City Commissioners Office a combined total of more than $17,500 in fines for campaign-finance violations at the start of this week. 

I detailed who the candidates were, and who has paid up since It's Our Money contacted them: Councilman Darrell Clarke paid his $1,000 fine; Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown said she entered into a payment plan to pay her $1,500 fine; Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez paid her $160 fine; and Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. still owes a $750 fine.

But what about the other candidates? One recently paid up, leaving 14 who owe the City Commissioners. See below for the list. (Note: If you are a candidate on this list who has paid the fine after this post was published, please contact and I will update.)

Vern Anastasio: $2,120
Michael Bell: $250
Suzanne Carn: $500
Marie Delany: $200
Jeff Hornstein: $500
Humberto Perez: $1,000
Ivy Staten: $40
Bernard Talmadge: $500
Robin Tasco: $750
Isaiah Thomas: $1,000
Lamont Thomas: $1,000
Jacque Whaumbush: $1,000
Al Taubenberger: $2,500
Christine Solomon: $1,750 (paid in full 10/14/11)

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