Sen. Pileggi: Mayor Nutter supports pension amendments

Sen. Dominic Pileggi just told a group of reporters that Mayor Nutter supports the pension amendments made to the legislation to help balance the city budget. The original bill has been modified to include sweeping changes to the pension plan for municipal employees, including a freeze on current benefits and a reduction for future hires.

“Mayor Nutter has been in the building all day and has been working with us in crafting the amendment and moving the bill,” said Pileggi. “It is my understanding that he is supportive of the bill with the amendment we just adopted. We expect to have a letter from Mayor Nutter supporting these changes before a final vote.”

The bill was originally written to allow the city to delay contributions to the pension fund. That version passed the State House more than two weeks ago. The new amendments require significant reforms, including benefit cuts and eliminating the controversial DROP program for elected officials. Since the bill has been amended, if it passes the State Senate, it will need to be reconsidered by the State House.

Thus far, Mayor Nutter has been quiet about the amendments. We're still awaiting a formal statement from Mayor Nutter and a copy of the letter.

Pileggi also confirmed that the full State Senate would consider the proposal today and could suspend the rules to make it happen before the normal six hour delay. “Some members are considering [suspending the rules]. One way or another we will vote on the amended bill today.”