We hope you're serious governor, because we are

The cynical take on Gov. Rendell's announcement that he wants to spend his last year in Harrisburg pursuing governmental reforms is that the plan is all talk. Basically, the argument goes, you've got a lame duck executive making promises he can't keep so that when he leaves office he can say, "hey, I tried."

But check out the DN's take on this today: Not this time. Not with all the recent scandals in Harrisburg.

Whether the governor expects his plan to work or not, the public should get behind him. We should make the governor take his own agenda seriously -- and enable him to move it forward.

Rendell has identified some of the most important reforms you could ask for in Harrisburg: campaign finance, redistricting, and judicial merit selection. And maybe, just maybe, the time for these ideas has come. Says the DN:

All of these changes threaten the status quo. The problem is, they also require action from the Legislature, whose members like their quo to remain static. But this is a time when public push-back could make a big difference. Outraged citizens should call their state lawmakers' office, and tell them that unless they want a repeat of the blood that followed the pay-raise scandal, they ought to pay attention.

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