Thursday, December 25, 2014

STIMULUS WATCH: Green jobs for ex-offenders

Some stimulus money will help create green jobs Link: City targets stimulus money for safety, jobs [Inky]

STIMULUS WATCH: Green jobs for ex-offenders

Some stimulus money will help create green jobs 

Nearly $2.4 million will go for a green jobs-training program for ex-offenders and a partnership to teach at-risk youths to create and restore murals.

The two programs should create an estimated 280 jobs over the next several years, the mayor's office said.

"That is a great use of these dollars," Nutter said.

This was the third time this month that the city has received federal stimulus money as part of the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

On June 8, Nutter announced that the city would use $12.7 million in federal money to help pay for $30 million in street repaving. On Monday, Philadelphia International Airport got $26.6 million from the federal government for two new baggage-screening and explosive-detecting systems.

The $13.5 million announced yesterday came from a long-standing Department of Justice grant program that the recovery act expanded.

Nutter said spreading that money around reflected his belief that crime-fighting and prevention must be tackled by a wide range of city agencies and nonprofits.

"Public safety is not just an effort carried out by the Police Department," he said.

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