SEPTA union: Strike will continue

Despite reports that an agreement to end the SEPTA strike was close at hand, a spokesman for TWU Local 234 says that both sides are no closer to finding a resolution.

Spokesman Jamie Horwitz said talks yesterday produced few results.

“No progress was made yesterday,” he said. “There are no plans for any kind of press conference or media briefing today. The strike continues.”

Horwitz refused to elaborate further, saying that the union didn't want to negotiate through the press.  At this time, there are no direct talks scheduled between Local 234 and SEPTA management. That means it is almost certain that the strike will drag through the weekend.

Yesterday, TWU Local 234 and SEPTA met separately with Gov. Ed Rendell and Rep. Bob Brady. There was some hope that these talks might have edged both sides closer to a resolution, but those hopes appear to be dashed.

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