Response to report on city contracts

On Monday, the Daily News published the latest "It's Our Money" report on employee benifits. We've be getting a lot of response to the article and I wanted to re-print one of them below. The following comes from a city worker who did not feel the op-ed was fair. Here it is:

Just read yours' & Waxmans' "hit piece" on city workers. First big lie: the average salary of DC33 workers' is $33,000/yr NOT $46,120/yr. Who is giving you wrong information, the mayor? Why are you trashing us to the general public? What's your hidden agenda, certainly not good governance?

Now, as to LOW salaries. While you & most of America were basking in the economic boom of the past two decades, we didn't. As city workers, we made less than comparable jobs in private industry. We took less money in exchange for JOB SECURITY (also known as a "PROMISE") and a pension. We received measly raises over the past decade and a half. Now, because the city was run into the ground by corrupt-o-crats, you want us to sacrifice MORE than we already have.You want to break the promise made to us. I say NO to you & your bunch of prevaricators & obfuscators.

I've sacrificed, now it;'s someone elses' turn to sacrifice. How about getting city council crooks, the BRT board, and all of the ward leaders & committee people to take big cuts? They screwed up, they ought to pay for their mistakes, not city workers'. get off our backs, stop disseminating false information & get your facts straight. You should go to the city website, under JOBS and check out pay ranges.(The vast majority of DC33 workers' are pay grade 12 & below, and their aren't all that many DC33 workers' making above $40,000; they're mostly work crew supervisors or equipment operators': trash truck drivers are NOT making $46,120/yr in base pay). If you went to J-school, you're old enough that they taught fact checking; Why don't you TRY it.

What do you think? Was the article fair or did we leave out information that would have provided more context? Have city workers given up high salaries for good benifits and job secuirty?