Report Fraud? There's an app for that

Over at Philly Clout, Catherine Lucey has a post about a new initiative that will allow city residents to fight corruption with their iPhones.

City Controller Alan Butkovitz just unveiled a new iPhone app that allows citizens to report fraud or government misconduct directly to the Controller's fraud unit."Our Philly WatchDog app allows citizens to play a crucial role in protecting their tax dollars by reporting fraud, waste and abuse," Butkovitz said today during a press conference.

Very cool. The iPhone application released by the City Controller servers as a reminder that 311 was supposed to have a mobile application more than a year ago. Think how cool it would be to not only be able to report corruption, but also potholes, water leaks, and other problems that city government is supposed to fix. It’s the natural progression of using technology to make government work better for everyone.

So, whatever happened with the 311 mobile application that was supposed to be developed by the city? As the Controller noted, developing these types of applications isn’t rocket science. The Mayor’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the status of the 311 mobile application. We’ll keep you posted if we hear from them.

For now, you can use City Howl partner SeeClickFix.