Report: Rendell preparing to layoff hundreds of state workers

It took more than 100 days for Gov. Ed Rendell and the legislature to agree on a state budget, but the bloodshed still isn't over. John Micek at Capitol Ideas is reporting that Gov. Rendell will announce layoffs for hundreds of state workers at some point in the near future.

David Filliman, the head of Council 13 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, tells the Associated Press that he has reason to believe employees will be handed pink slips today.

Asked for comment, Gov. Ed's press office said it will have more to say early this afternoon. The administration has previously said it expected to make hundreds of lay-offs sometime before Thanksgiving.

These layoffs are necessary because the state budget passed back in October reduces spending by 1 percent, with no adjustment for inflation. That means layoffs and reductions in services. However, the layoffs also mean that more Pennsylvanians will be unemployed and likely seek benefits.We'll bring you more information when we know more.

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