Report: PA taxes aren't too high, but they are unfair

Link: Taxylvania: Study says Pennsylvania tax system is inequitable [Reading Eagle]

The state has one of the worst taxing setups in the nation because low-income workers spend nearly three times as much on state and local taxes as high-income workers - 12.3 cents on every dollar earned by the poor compared to 4.3 cents for the wealthy.

And too much of the taxing and spending is pushed down to the local level, with too much reliance on property taxes to fund local schools.

That, said Sharon Ward, is a recipe for trouble because it results in disparities between the haves and the have nots.

Ward is director of Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, a nonpartisan research center in Harrisburg, which studied the tax system and compared it with other states.

It found that a single parent of three children, making $60,000 a year, pays a greater portion of earnings in taxes than a childless single person earning the same, Ward said.