Rendell says scary things about SEPTA

We're not engineers, so we don't have a whole lot of detail to add to Dan Geringer's account of the governor's visit to an aging SEPTA substation, but as daily SEPTA riders, let us just say YIKES!

To illustrate the urgent need for funding, Rendell cited the Crum Creek Viaduct on the R3 Media/Elwyn line - an 1895 bridge - on which SEPTA inspectors found "several critical cracks" and recommended a $57 million replacement.

SEPTA Chief Engineer Jeffrey Kneuppel said 47 of the transit agency's 341 bridges in the five-county region were an average 82 years old and were in "poor condition."

Rendell said that doing nothing was akin to waiting for a public-safety disaster.

"We're playing Russian roulette," he said.

People will inevitably fight over where the money for these repairs should come from (we'll be writing about it more, for sure), but the take-away from this for us was that it's gotta come from somewhere, soon -- this can't be down near the bottom of the priority list.