Poll: Pennsylvanians are ready for reform

Pennsylvania voters haven't made up their mind about the governor's race, according to a poll conducted by Franklin & Marshall College, but there's one thing they're overwhelmingly sure about: They want reform.

Though Attorney General Tom Corbett and Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato hold small leads in their respective gubernatorial primaries, most voters remain undecided. Voters are not undecided, however, about the need for big changes in the state capitol.

78 percent of those polled see a need to reform state government. Overhauling campaign finance laws, changing the structure and operation of the Legislature, and considering term limits attracted strong support, the poll showed, as did looking at how state and local governments are financed.

Asked whether a review of the laws governing how the state is structured and run needs to be addressed at a constitutional convention, 72 percent favored it to some degree. The last such convention was in 1967.

It's no shock that most voters haven't made up their mind about the governor's race yet -- the campaign is just getting into full swing. But it's interesting that so many people support reform in Harrisburg and a constitutional convention.

We've been writing about these issues for months. It's complicated stuff and can often seem removed from people's everyday lives. Hopefully Harrisburg will take note: Pennsylvanians are starting to pay attention.

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