Parking rates are now double

Parking rates doubled in Philadelphia

Link: Doubled parking rates annoy drivers [Inky]

Though she said she regretted inflicting pain on struggling students such as Rivera, Cutler said that if higher parking rates and stiff fines persuade people to put their cars in garages or leave them at home - well, let's be honest, she won't regret the pain all that much.

The rate hikes are part of a multi-prong attack on gridlock, Cutler said. Eventually, she said, roads will be clearer, buses will breeze along, delivery trucks won't be double-parked, and you won't have to waste an hour and a half-tank circling to find a spot when you only need to run in to shop for a couple of hours or go to the bank or have lunch with a friend.

"If you're going to be in the city all day, it's a better deal to be on public transit, or, if you do need a car and you're going to park longer than an hour or two, you need to go into a garage," she said.