PPA Public meetings?

We’re a couple of days late to this, but thought it was worth highlighting since we hear stories like these all the time at Help Desk. Stu Bykofsky attended a “Gripe-O-Rama for anyone feeling abused by the PPA.”

Complaints ran from the mundane - kiosks that don't work and bewildering parking signage - to the outrageous - cars that are towed into PPA's lots and vanish forever.

Our experience is that when we call up on behalf of someone who’s getting a raw deal from the agency, the PPA addresses the problem fairly quickly (contact Help Desk!). But obviously you want to live in a world where a citizen can rectify an injustice with the PPA his or herself.

One possibility is that people aren’t aware of the PPA’s Public Advocate, who can help out with situations like these. His name is Frank DeAngelis, and his email is: FDeAngelis@philapark.org.

Stu has an additional idea:

If the board that supervises PPA has the courage: Don flak jackets and hold meetings in several Philadelphia neighborhoods to hear complaints firsthand instead of through bureaucratic filters or the press.

We don’t know how well that would work, but it would sure be interesting.

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