Occupy I-95?

So says Brian Howard (channeling Next American City's Diana Lind) in a provocative column over at Philly Mag:

The crux of her argument: The entirety of I-95 in Pennsylvania (51 miles, 3 of which are between the Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman bridges) is “in phases of structural obsolescence.” If it’s all eventually going to be redesigned and rebuilt anyway (like the Girard Avenue interchange is now), why not really redesign it?


Her vision is not so much to make I-95 just go away, but rather to turn the elevated monstrosity into a pedestrian-friendly boulevard complete with a light-rail line.

Of course, given financial constraints, Lind suggests the soonest a project like this could happen is ... 2026. Which is depressing no matter what you think of the idea.

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