OK, we take back the snow fee idea!

Ok, the people have spoken. The idea of imposing a fee to pay for snow removal has no support among the readers of “It's Our Money.” We humbly withdraw the idea from consideration, as it is clearly a socialist plot that will destroy our way of life.

Still, we can't help but poke back at one little thing. One commenter, jfar86, wrote something that just doesn't add up.

Rather than squandering every cent they receive, the city should put aside money for events like large snow fall. If the city wants to cut something to pay for snow removal, cuts should come from services provided by the city such as pools, health clinics, absurd pensions, etc.

The emphasis is ours. It's understandable that this commentator is frustrated. But this comment lacks a basic understanding of how city government works.

We can't simply cut pension costs today to deal with snowfall that happened last month. Pensions (and healthcare) are benefits in contracts protected by federal labor law. Many of the costs are people who have long retired.

The city could, possibly, cut future pension costs. But that won't address this year's $125 million budget deficit.

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