Nutter changes his mind on travel to the Gulf

Yesterday, we criticized Mayor Nutter for having the city pay for his recent trip to the Gulf Coast. We got word late yesterday that the administration had found the money to cover the trip elsewhere. Here are the details, from today's editorial in the Daily News:

The mayor originally made the questionable decision to have city taxpayers fund the trip for him and his entourage. Thanks to criticism (including from www.ourmoneyphilly. com) he has changed his mind and will have his campaign fund cover the cost of his trip. The U.S. Conference of Mayors will pay for his staffers' travels.

We're happy that Mayor Nutter has changed his mind. For us, the issue was not so much the money itself as the conflicting message being sent to taxpayers. If we're being asked to pay higher taxes and receive fewer services, public officials should cut back on their own amenities, too.

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