Nutter: We could close all libraries, recreation centers, and parks

Nutter appeared this morning with Ramsey

Philadelphia mayor Nutter was holding a news conference on Monday with police chief Charles H. Ramsey and fire commissioner Lloyd Ayers to lay out plans to cut 739 uniformed police officers and 200 firefighters if the city does not get the help from Harrisburg that it needs.

The mayor has said he would also have to close the city library system, recreations centers, and the entire park system -- a total of 3,000 city jobs in all.

Senate Republican Leader Dominic Pileggi has said that legislative action to allow Philadelphia to raise its sales tax by one percent and to make changes to its pension fund will have to wait until the entire state budget is passed whenever that is.

The mayor says that is unacceptable. He held a city hall rally last week to bring attention to his "doomsday" budget.